JQuarks Challenge

Aim to be a recognized actor in Open Source programming ?
Passionate about programming, especially on Open Source projects ?
Already have experienced Joomla or any other CMS ?
Have a good background on Community Management and Social Networking ?
Be a JQuarks Challenger to be a JQuarks Recognized Contributor !

JQuarks Recognized Contributor Role

Software development

  • Contribute in the roadmap definition of JQuarks

  • Development of new features

  • Bug fixing

Community management

  • Providing support to JQuarks users

  • Buzz about JQuarks

  • Finding other contributors

How to be a challenger?

Send your application to jquarkschallenge@iptech-group.com and do the quizzes you will receive. Tell us which tasks you are interested in.
Select or add one or multiple issues on IP-TECH Labs and solve it !

How to be selected as JQuarks Recognized Contributor?

  1. Quizzes performance

  2. Contribution in issues solving

  3. Telephone or Skype interview

IP-TECH engagements

The selected challanger will be recognized as JQuarks Contributor, his name will figure on www.jquarks.org.
JQuarks contributor will be assisted by IP-TECH JQuarks Contributors.
He will be considered as an IP-TECH member, and will participate in several team activities (team buildings, IP-TECH’s kick-off, workshops, etc.)

JQuarks Facts

JQuarks (www.jquarks.org) is an open source component of “Joomla !” (www.joomla.org), a leading free and open source CMS. JQuarks is designed, developed and maintained by IP-TECH under the terms of GPLv2 License.
JQuarks is the most complete, easy-to-use, and popular among free components of its category. It allows the native creation of quizzes and surveys in “Joomla!”.
JQuarks is developed under a well-thought MVC model and provides a flexible architecture allowing it to be easily customized to fit several business cases.

JQuarks Today 

  • Around 60 000 downloads of JQuarks codes and more than 17 000 downloads of documentation files.

  • Contributors have translated JQuarks to at least 10 languages: German, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Galician, Italian, Russian, French, Persian, and Serbian.

  • Worldwide adoption: Top 10 download countries: 1. United states, 2. France, 3. Italy, 4. Russia, 5. India, 6. Germany, 7. Netherlands, 8. United Kingdom, 9. Spain, 10. Brazil.

  • Community recognition as a leading quizzing component, see comments on “Joomla! Extensions Directory” pages.